Rogers Fiber Availability

Is Rogers planning to extend fiber optic coverage across all of Canada, including the GTA? If yes, do they have an estimated timeline for the rollout? I’m particularly interested in obtaining higher upload speeds than the current 50Mbps.

A few years back, there were rumors suggesting that Rogers was highly focused on transitioning existing neighborhoods, equipped with old analog fiber nodes, from coaxial to FTTH. However, it seems that the current strategy is to retain neighborhoods with coaxial infrastructure for as long as possible.

Rogers is presently in the process of upgrading aging neighborhood nodes to new DAA/R-PHY technology and shifting towards a virtual CCAP architecture.

The next step involves implementing mid-split, phasing out legacy technologies to free up spectrum, allocating more spectrum to DOCSIS 3.1, and eventually making the move to DOCSIS 4.0.

In my hood, the government’s got fiber laid, and BELL’s rocking the real deal. So, Roger’s sales rep shows up at my door, pitching this 1.5Gbps internet deal, and I’m like, “Sweet! First three months on the house, too.” But then, bam! They roll in with Coax boxes. And guess what? The fine print spills the beans - upload speed capped at a measly 10mbps! Seriously, what’s the deal? Why front it as fiber when even Starlink’s serving up faster uploads? It’s just plain frustrating, man!

Same question but different region : moving to a rural area near Fredericton, we’re stuck with Bell/Xplornet wireless as our only current internet option. We plan to buy Starlink for remote work. Rogers lists our address but says service is future-projected, aiming to lay fibre lines by 2024. Anyone with similar experiences or insights on Rogers’ expansion timelines and service quality? We’re hoping for a temporary fix with Starlink until better connectivity arrives. Appreciate any feedback!

more over : Has anyone updated their Rogers cable to their new fibre optics. How has it worked for you?