Phone purchased brand new from Rogers store now blacklisted

I’m baffled by how a brand-new phone I purchased from the Rogers store ended up blacklisted, and now I’m being told they need to “investigate.” I bought the phone just two weeks ago, brand new! I even went back to the store with my receipt in hand, and they remember selling me the phone. They attempted to contact Rogers, only to be informed that an investigation is necessary. But what exactly is there to investigate? Why can’t they immediately remove the blacklist status? It doesn’t make any sense. This is clearly a mistake on Rogers’ part, yet I’m the one suffering the consequences. I have the receipt and witnesses from the store who remember me. It should be a straightforward matter to unblock my very expensive, yet currently unusable, phone.

Now, I’m left waiting. I was informed that it could take up to two business days for the investigation to be completed on a phone that I have a receipt for, purchased brand new from their store just two weeks ago.

I understand that human errors can occur, but why does this situation necessitate an investigation when they were the ones who sold me the phone in the first place?

Frankly, I fail to see the point of remaining a Rogers customer if they can’t promptly resolve an issue with a phone they sold me. Is this how you treat a customer who has been loyal for almost 20 years?

Has anyone else encountered such a poor experience? And to whom should I direct my complaint? CRTC? The media? I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes days for them to unblock a phone that they sold to me. If this isn’t a human error, then why sell me a phone that’s destined to be blacklisted?

I’m in the exact same situation. I purchased an iPhone 15 Pro Max online through a Rogers chat agent, and they sent it to me blacklisted! It’s unbelievable. They’re trying to insinuate that I’m a thief and now they need to “investigate.” Seriously, I just bought it!