My Rogers LTE is really slow after i migrated from fizz

Hello everyone, I was wondering what to do if Rogers LTE is very slow. I have just migrated from Fizz a few days ago, despite the troubleshooting and reset attempts that I have done, nothing seems to improve the speed?

Hey Jack if you have recently migrated from fizz to Rogers and are experiencing slow LTE speed issues First, make sure your phone fully supports the Rogers network, by checking the supported frequency bands. It is possible that your phone is not compatible with all the bands used by Rogers, which could explain the slow speeds, it is also important to note that Rogers is often criticized for its slower LTE speeds compared to other providers . If your phone supports the same bands/frequencies as Rogers, you can try forcing your phone to connect to LTE rather than 5G, this might improve performance. If you continue to experience speed issues despite these measures, you may consider contacting Rogers customer service for further assistance.