I think my phone is on rogers blacklist

Hi there to all of you. What should I do if, despite being brand-new and originally functioning, my second Samsung phone unexpectedly stops operating after just over two weeks of use? I am whit roger

Hello everyone, you must first call Rogers, the service provider, to see if your IMEI is on the blacklist. Furthermore, since unlocking necessitates the phone being active on an account for 90 days, you should see if the phone has already been unlocked by a third party. If you buy it from someone else, you run the chance of it getting banned via insurance claims or other channels. Regretfully, if the phone gets banned, it is effectively unusable for anything other than Wi-Fi and cannot be replaced. When making purchases from unaffiliated parties, exercise caution and make sure that the necessary paperwork is in place, such as a bill of sale that includes the IMEI.