I need help! How do I unblock a phone number?

Hello, I need your help to know how I can unblock a phone number. My brother gave me his phone a few days ago, but I’ve noticed that several of my contacts are blocked, so it’s impossible for them to contact me. As for my brother, he’s on an emergency trip, so he won’t really have time to reply until then. Do you know how I can solve this problem ?

Hi David :wave: . Of course , unlocking a phone number is pretty straightforward and depends on the type of phone you’re using. If you have an Android device, open the Phone app, press the three vertical dots at the top right to open the menu, then select “Settings”. Go to “Blocked numbers”, find the number you wish to unblock and press “Unblock” next to it. If you’re using an iPhone, open the Settings app, scroll down and press “Phone”. Then go to “Blocked contacts”, find the number you wish to unblock and swipe left to display the unblock option.

Thank you very much, it works !