Easily identify your needs to find the internet package that suits you

It is not always easy to determine which internet plan best suits one’s specific needs. Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to identify requirements among the multitude of offers and providers is a common experience.

On the PlanHub website, we have implemented a quick questionnaire designed to guide you and filter through all the available market offers.

To do this, simply launch our questionnaire by clicking on the “Find your plan” button located in the top right menu of the site.

You will be redirected to a questionnaire that asks a series of questions to better understand the plan that suits you. First, we will ask you some questions about your geographical location because depending on your province, the types of plans and their prices may differ. Plans offered by operators can vary from one province to another.

Then we guide you in your search to define your needs:

1. Do you know the desired speed, or do you need help?

Perhaps you already know the connection speed you need; in that case, you can directly choose your speed to skip steps in the questionnaire.

If you are unsure about the speed you need, or perhaps you have no idea? Click on “I don’t know, help me choose,” and with just 3/4 simple questions, we will choose the speed that best suits your internet usage for you.

1.2. If you already know the desired speed

You will then need to choose a connection speed from our list and provide your postal code to list the best offers for your needs!

2. If you need help, don’t worry, we will assist you!

We will ask you a series of very simple questions so that our algorithm determines the speed you need. The questions are straightforward and quick to answer; we will ask you:

  • How many people use the internet in your home?
  • How many devices are connected?
  • The number of people working from home?
  • The quality of videos you want to receive (HD, 4K, etc.)?
  • If you play online games often or not?

Finally, we will ask for your postal code to precisely define the available plans at your address.

4. Filter search results

By default, we offer a “recommended” sorting based on several criteria, including the plan’s price, user feedback (via reviews on the site), and the value for money based on the volume of data offered, to guide you towards potentially the most interesting offers for you.

You also have the option to customize this list by displaying the cheapest plans first using our navigation bar at the top of the results. Additionally, you can easily adjust other options such as call duration, data volume, or phone model.

Could the questionnaire help you find the plan that suits you? Would you like to see other information in the search results to help you choose? Your feedback is valuable so that we can continue to improve our tool.

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