Data- Need for One Day - Koodo

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I’m reaching out because my data has been blocked on my account. I switched to a basic phone a couple of years ago, and for some reason, I received a message stating that I had used over 90% of my data in 3 days, despite my phone not having any apps or a web browser.

However, I will need to use Uber on another device that I am borrowing with my current SIM card for just one day.

Is there any way I could use data tomorrow (still in February) if I remove my data block today (February 27th)?

Please let me know!

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If you log in to your self-serve account, you can access your add-ons on the Plans page. Here, you can manage your add-ons and remove the data block add-on.

However, before doing this, you need to ensure that your plan includes data, as data costs can be quite high otherwise. Does your current plan include data?

Additionally, please be aware that if you use a smartphone with your SIM card, the phone’s other apps can also consume data in the background.